Lesson 6 - Yoga Sutras, Chapter 1

Within the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is a road map of experiencing Samadhi. When Yogananda was leaving for the West, Sri Yukteswar told him to teach Kriya Yoga with the Yoga Sutras as a foundation. In this series we will find the core themes within the Yoga Sutras all yogis can practice for greater spiritual awareness and to increase one’s capacity for experiencing transcendent states. 

Within the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali we can find specific guidance on the essentials of a successful Kriya Yoga path.  What makes a Kriya Yoga path successful is the cultivation of the experience of Samadhi. 

The following sutras are worth considering. 

1.1 Now, instruction in Yoga. 

1.2 Yoga is the process of ending the definitions of the field of consciousness. 

1.3 Then the Seer abides in its own nature. 

1.12 The ending of the definitions occurs by practice (abhyasa) and nonattachment (vairagya). 

1.13 Practice is vigilance in remaining as the Seer. 

1.15 Nonattachment is the mastery of not clinging to objects experience or described. 

1.21 In case of those whose frequency is intense, the process of ending definitions is near. 

1.25 In Ishvara, the seed of omniscience is unsurpassed. 

1.27 The expression of Ishvara is OM. 

1.29 From OM comes the attainment of inward directed consciousness and the disappearance of obstacles. 

1.50 The subliminal activator (sanskara) born of insight, checks other sanskara.  

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