It is time to clarify, understand, and live your purpose. 

Everyone is here for a reason. Everyone exists to be of service in some way. There are ways of revealing that purpose, through contemplation, meditation and, of course, hard work!

This year, we have spent a good deal of time exploring the processes of meditation, yoga, and the internal paths of spiritual growth. It is time to devote some energy to realizing your own unique purpose in this life.

This four-week series of classes is designed to give you the tools you need to begin acknowledging the unique meaning of your life. It is often said that when there is a “why” then the “how” becomes clear. It is the goal of these classes to bring your “why” into focus. In this way, you can stop wondering about how to find happiness and peace. You can then realize happiness and peace comes from engaging the adventure of your life with clarity and purpose.

Each class will include time for meditation and homework with the intention to bring your divine purpose into greater focus.

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