Kriya Yoga Sutras Class Description

Welcome to a course on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. An initial study of the Yoga Sutras can help grasp the philosophy of Kriya Yoga. The material in this course comes from the Kriya Yoga Sutras 26 Hour Downloadable MP3 Meditation Training Course. If you have already downloaded and taken this course, you are welcome to continue your subscription for review, but this is not necessary, as you have already downloaded and studied the course.

This Yoga Sutras Course, in the light of Kriya Yoga, provides an initial survey study of Patanjali's great work. In the second year of the Kriya Yoga Apprenticeship Program we do revisit the Yoga Sutras. This course is a primer for future study.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, written around the first century, contain precise information for proper practice of the soul-liberating path of Kriya Yoga. To our current knowledge, the practice of yoga existed at least three thousand years before Patanjali arranged the teaching into what we call the Yoga Sutras. His work distilled the essence of the philosophy and technique into four chapters of concise aphorisms that when contemplated, meditated on, and applied provide a direct route to personal experience of authentic spiritual growth.

In this course, you will learn to integrate your Kriya Meditation Practices with proper methods of contemplation to unlock the profound wisdom and power of the Sutras. Through this course, you will explore and review how the full 8 limbs of Yoga are applicable to your spiritual practices and daily living. The sutras can be complex and require much time and attention to understand. After completion of this course you will also have been introduced to the proper methods of contemplating and realizing the meaning behind any authentic spiritual text of your choosing.

Detailed study of the 11-Hour Downloadable Introduction to Kriya Yoga Training Course is required to understand this course. It is in my mind that after practicing our Kriya meditation, the Sutras most easily reveal their depths. If you are interested in this Yoga Sutras Course and have not participated in the Kriya Meditation Training, I have made the recordings for that class available as an automatic download. See the following link:

11-Hour Downloadable Introduction to Kriya Yoga Training Course

This course was a recorded as a real-time webinar. Because of this, the nature of the lectures are fluid and there are breaks for answering student questions. During the live session, we had an additional online meditation session each week. Six of those have been recorded and are included, that you may follow along a guided Kriya Routine.

Recommended Text: Kriya Yoga: Continuing the Lineage of Enlightenment by Ryan Kurczak.

It is my wish that the study of this sacred teaching further inspires and encourages you on your own awakening path.



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